The Most Expensive Jewellery Brands

//The Most Expensive Jewellery Brands

The Most Expensive Jewellery Brands

Over the years, jewellery has plaid an immensely significant role in the fashion industry. Not only that, but it’s also played incredible roles in the lives of royal families and has also completed some of the most iconic looks for celebrities and A-listers on the red carpet for major events.

Jewellery has many purposes. To show the world you are confident with what you wear, to complete a look in high fashion, to change the way people view fashion as art, as well as enhance the feeling of love.

Some wealthy men buy some of the most expensive jewellery for their significant others, or special other, to show them their appreciation, which is ultimately their way of showing how much they love them.

Keeping in mind that rings are one of the number one jewellery-piece items, it is important to remember that rings, being one of the most expensive items sold in the world due to its value in gems, are required for engagements and marriages all around the world, which is the number one reason why jewellery brands are so expensive.

The 3 Highest Grossing Jewellery Brands Today

Harry Winston

If being the wealthiest jewellery retailer and manufacturer in the world, then Harry Winston is also the most successful jewellery provider of all.

Known all over the world for its diamonds, which are considered the best, this popular brand sells much more than the diamond ring.

The brand specialises in diamonds, as well as extremely precious gemstones and use it to make wedding rings, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, as well as ornaments.

The brand’s pieces also get hired annually by Hollywood actresses for their Red-Carpet events and are most popularly showcased at the Oscars.


Never have you come across such an interesting brand. With some of the most beautiful and elegant designs, Cartier is known for putting the world’s most expensive pieces in an auction. These include priceless royal ornaments and jewellery from all over the globe.

As a French brand, it designs and manufactures nothing short of the best and sells some of their pieces for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

The brand’s jewellery pieces are also worn by some of the most famous celebrities, and their watches are considered out of this world.



As the most expensive Italian luxury jewellery brand, this impeccable high-quality brand is best known for their ranges of golden ornaments.

The company stays true to their heritage and always finds a way to add Roman-style to their jewellery pieces.

Their most beautiful collections include cuffed bracelets, which boasts with exquisite detail. They’re also known for their lacy carvings, which adds a new dimension to their masterpieces. They specialise in gold and silver for texture, as well as light enhancement.

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